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Gospel soulful, Blues" is Patricia Wilder's self-described music style "real" music about "real" people, living real.

Wilder's musical foundation is rooted in jazz, rock, R&B, blues and gospel. She began playing the guitar as a teen after her mother encouraged her to develop an interest in any instrument besides the one she was pursuing - drums.

Because music was prevalent in her household, Pat was able to recognize and develop her strong passion for music.

Her earliest musical influences came from gospel greats, blues best and a range of ledgendary players one Mr.Taj Mahal. As a friend of the family, Taj Mahal provided the ultimate inspiration in her childhood - it was from him that she received her first guitar.

As her confidence grew in her guitar playing ability, she ventured into singing. Wilder says her guitar playing and singing were both outlets for self-expression.

Pat Wilder truly enjoys performing as an expression of universal communication, and desires her audience to feel, hear and see all she is communicating through her music.

Wilder has shared her talent with many great musicians in the local bay area and international.

When performing, it is Wilder's ambition to feel the electricity and energy exchanged between herself and the audience. When you hear it you too will be energized and completely captivated by the unique funk rhythms of her music. 

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